Are You Connecting With Your Company


A growing company is typically performing well when communication channels are open and everyone is focused on achieving the company’s goals.  One of the keys to effective communication is determining what information and data is important to achieving business goals.  When was the last time you considered the affect your performance was having on your boss’ performance evaluation?  Do you know what is important to your boss achieving his business goals?  When setting your work priorities and forming your communication on different topics it's important to consider if the information you are providing is helping to meet all of your organization's business goals.

Effective communication is just as much about the intent of the communication as it is the content.  You can always get clarification on specific data if the channel remains open.  Once the intent is considered nonessential, there is rarely an opportunity to clarify content.

You will talk all day with someone who has a common goal to clarify and resolve any issue. By the same token, most people wouldn’t spend any time at all communicating with someone who doesn’t have common goals and objectives.  It is always important to ensure that everyone around you knows that you are there to help the company move forward.

What else can you do to help everyone move forward?

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