Job Hunting – Best to start before the end


Job hunting is not usually something that most people enjoy.  The trick to enjoying the job hunting process is to never really stop looking for your next job.  There is a difference between actively looking for a job and knowing your next career move and keeping an eye open for the right opportunity.   As most of us move through our careers, we don’t always look five years down the road and construct a plan of action for achieving our objectives. That step of planning your next few career moves can help you from falling into the “inertia” game and allowing your current employer to determine your career path.   Few employers will actively place an employees’ career ahead of their business objectives, it doesn’t make sense with respect to short-term business goals.  As we move through our careers, we can become set in a certain direction until an outside force changes our direction; don’t let the outside force determine your direction.   Your career direction should be driven by your desires not your employers’ current business crisis.

If you know how you want your career to progress it is easier to spot those opportunities that give you the opportunity to advance.  Make a plan and be the driving force behind your career decisions.  Don’t expect anyone else to look out for your professional growth if you haven’t done it for yourself already.

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