Show Job Candidates That You Respect Them


Given the state of today’s candidate-driven recruitment market, it’s important that employers show their applicants appreciation and respect. Offering increased pay and benefits are always attractive to new recruits, but showing them the proper amount of respect can go even further than money and perks. With that in mind, there are a number of techniques you can use in order to show respect right from the start and, as a result, increase employee retention, morale and performance at your company.

Make the Most of the Applicant’s Time

It’s important to keep in mind, especially when dealing with recruits that have been resourced through a staffing agency, that the candidate’s time is valuable. Their time could be spent fleshing out other opportunities or pursuing other jobs, so it’s important to make the most of both your time as well as that of the recruit.

To accomplish this, you may want to establish a de facto agenda for new recruits. Use this list to detail every step in the process, from initial contact to final orientation, and make sure the job applicant is aware of this agenda. Doing so, can set the expectations for the entire hiring process and make the onboarding process a positive experience for everyone involved.

Do Your Research

Just as candidates are expected to perform some basic research on the company they are applying to, employers should also be clear on what they are looking for in an applicant. If necessary, browse the job listings of your competition in order to educate yourself on recent trends within your own industry. Knowing what you are looking for prior to beginning the recruitment process is a great way to show respect to all parties involved, including any potential applicants.

Individual applicants can also be researched beforehand. Always make sure to review their resume in full, as well as any accompanying documentation. Proactive employers will seek out an applicant’s online profile prior to conducting a face-to-face interview. 

Lead the Orientation Process

A great way to show respect to your newly hired employees is to personally lead the orientation process. While this isn’t a viable option in every case, the simple process of orienting and assimilating a new employee into your existing workforce can go a long way in building a high level of mutual trust and respect.

Even if you can’t help train and orient an employee, make sure to introduce yourself, ask for any questions and offer your consultation on an as-needed basis. This offering lets the new employee know that their input is desired and respected by the management staff.

Provide the Appropriate Follow-Up Communications

Finally, always make sure to provide the appropriate follow-up communications. This is true regarding favorable candidates as well as those who probably won’t make the cut. If you tell an applicant that you’ll respond to them within a certain timeframe, make sure to do so. Not only is it a basic professional courtesy and respect, but it also provides closure for those who don’t end up with the job.

At Automation, we follow up to ensure that our employees are providing the performance our clients expect. We continue to remain in contact throughout the assignment to ensure customer and employee satisfaction.

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