What Can You Do to Become an Attractive Seasonal Job Candidate?



For those who are specifically seeking out seasonal or temporary work, either as a result of other work arrangements, prior obligations or other personal reasons, there are some factors to consider when determining your effectiveness and attractiveness to a particular employer. Knowing and understanding these caveats, and keeping them in mind during your job hunt, is a surefire way to gain an edge over your seasonal competition.

Maintain Availability and Flexibility

If you depend on seasonal or temporary work to make ends meet, or even as your primary source of income, it's absolutely critical that you maintain some amount of professional availability and flexibility. Even if you only have seasonal obligations, constantly turning down the work that comes your way is sure to have a negative effect on your future opportunities and offers.

Learn as Much as Possible

Generally speaking, those who are actively pursuing new knowledge and skills will lead the most successful careers. This is just as true for seasonal employees as it is for full-time staff.

By showing your thirst for knowledge, and by following up on this thirst with actual results, you are effectively stating your desire and motivation to become a better worker. This is bound to get you noticed by your superiors, who might just have bigger and better opportunities in the future.

Stay Positive

Staying positive is an important part of any job, seasonal or otherwise. Nobody wants to work with a negative-minded or pessimistic person, and no manager in their right mind would put such an individual in a public-facing role. As such, it's important to maintain a positive attitude and an optimistic demeanor at all times.

Demonstrate Willingness for Long-Term Work

In many cases, seasonal or temporary work can actually lead to a full-time position. When an employee fills their role as expected, and if there is a need for ongoing work, there's really no downside when making the transition from seasonal to permanent employee. Not only is this advantageous to the employer, but it affords the employee numerous benefits, as well.

However, it's important to keep in mind your previous pace, effectiveness, and productivity with the employer in question. Remember, employers will hire you based on the work you've provided for them thus far, and they're expecting similar results. Failure to live up to their expectations can result in losing out on the permanent role, as well as the temporary one.

Making Your Presence Known

For some, especially seasonal employees, it can be difficult to keep your name fresh on the minds of your past employers and managers. However, by making yourself available for any shifts that come your way, remaining positive, and absorbing as much information as possible, you may find yourself with a permanent gig before you know it.

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