How Does a Staffing Agency Find You a Job?



Although staffing agencies can be a great resource when it comes to finding and securing work, a lot of perfectly qualified applicants are scared away from the process due to common misperceptions. The act of finding a legitimate staffing firm such as Automation Personnel Services, Inc. is typically the most difficult step. After that, the entire process is fairly straightforward.

The Initial Application

Before you can begin taking advantage of everything staffing agencies have to offer, you will have to complete an application. This is similar to a job application in the sense that you'll be asked for details regarding your past work history, your level of education and your skills. However, instead of targeting one specific job, this application will be used to gauge your eligibility for a variety of opportunities that match your qualifications, skill set and requests.

Many of today's staffing agencies even let new recruits fill out their application forms online. While this is an incredibly useful perk that can save a lot of time, the majority of agencies will still require you to come into their office for a face-to-face interview. Just like the typical hiring process, this interview gives you the chance to sell yourself while providing the interviewer with the opportunity to get to know your character, demeanor, and general interests.

The Next Steps

Depending on your skills, your job expectations and the current opportunities with your staffing agency, any number of steps could be taken next. If a company requires specific certifications or qualifications, you may be asked to undergo training before you can be assigned to a particular role.

If there are no advanced requirements to meet, many agencies can match candidates with relevant job opportunities in a matter of days. While this timeframe is subject to any number of factors, it does provide a realistic starting point for most job seekers.


While some view temporary jobs as nothing more than a means of paying the bills during the downtimes of their careers, others can utilize such opportunities as meaningful and powerful learning opportunities.

Not only does this give proactive job seekers the chance to test the waters with different companies, but it also promotes professional versatility and flexibility. Some temporary jobs, such as those which feature weekend or night shifts, can be used to complement your current career and supplement your income in the process.

Working With a Staffing Agency

With branches located throughout the United States, Automation helps job seekers find the best jobs for their skills and schedule. Contact Automation Personnel Services, Inc., one of the largest temporary staffing agencies in the U.S., to get started with your job search today!


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