Are You Too Casual for the Staffing Agency?


Staffing agencies provide a nice change of pace from the typical job search. Instead of doing all of the work by yourself, many job seekers enjoy the benefit of submitting their resume and/or application, then sitting back and letting the opportunities come to them by having an advocate helping find jobs that fit their exact employment needs. However, you'll want to avoid getting too comfortable or casual with this new way of doing things.

Automation Personnel Services, one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., explains why staffing agencies require responsible job candidates and offers four perspectives that applicants should have before they interact with a staffing firm.

Balancing Casual and Professional

Those who have success with staffing agencies usually balance their personal and professional attitudes. While temporary jobs are typically more informal than full-time roles, you can't abandon your sense of professionalism. You'll still need these qualities to succeed at your current role, advance your career, and to turn temporary assignments into permanent ones.

Be Respectful

Be respectful of the staffing agency's employees as well as your temporary bosses, supervisors, and co-workers. Your supervisors can and will report your productivity, success and even your shortcomings to your recruiter at the staffing agency. This can have a serious impact on your chance of getting hired for future jobs and, in extreme cases, may cause an agency to end its relationship with you.

Take it Seriously

Remember, staffing agencies still want to work with serious job seekers who are dedicated to their own success. You can't really expect anyone to want to offer their help if you aren't willing to first help yourself, and this holds true in the staffing industry.

Taking steps on your own to further your knowledge or develop your skills is a great way to show your motivation and dedication to any recruiter, temporary boss, and peer. Plenty of online programs are available to pursue training from the comfort of their own homes, while many communities offer their own programs, college courses and certifications.

It's Still a Real Job

Above all else, it's important to remember that your temporary job is still a real job. While it might not be permanent (no job really is), it should be treated that way. Some part-time or seasonal roles have the chance to turn into full-time jobs in the future.   Some roles offered by Automation Personnel Services are not temporary at all, but are designed to be long term assignments and can offer employment opportunities for years.  You should talk with your recruiter about the different roles that are available that you are qualified for.

Even if there is no potential for full-time work, it's still important to treat your temporary assignments like any other job. This means showing up on time, completing all of your daily tasks and communicating with your supervisors. Although these are things that are a standard part of any normal job, temporary workers forget about them when moving between short-term placements.

You might also take the time to become familiar with the company's culture. While this isn't necessary in all temporary roles, showing interest and dedication can go a long way in gaining future employment with a company.

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