Do You Understand What Your Staffing Agency Has Control To Do For You?



Some job seekers have a lot of questions surrounding the staffing process. When first applying with a staffing firm, it can be hard to understand things such as costs or how they are selected for a job placement or even how they get paid. Turning in your hours and even understanding who to contact with questions or problems can be confusing for people who haven’t worked for a staffing agency before. However, the process is really easy! Automation Personnel Services, one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., helps job seekers understand common misperceptions and highlights the impact a staffing agency has on their job search.

Service Fees

Some staffing agencies do charge job seekers for their services. Automation Personnel Services, Inc. does not. We'll never seek payment for using our site to find a job, but there are costs for everyone who works regardless of where you are employed. Deductions may come out of your paycheck after placed on an assignment for the following reasons:

  • State and Federal Taxes
  • Mandated Garnishments (State or Gov. Debts, Child Support Withholdings, etc.)
  • Drug Screenings
  • Background Checks
  • Replacement Charges for Required Apparel, Equipment, or Uniforms (Safety Glasses, Steel Toe Boots, Shirts, etc.)

Other costs are paid by the companies we work with. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by working with a staffing firm, including new job skills and work experiences, one of the great perks of working through temporary job placements.

Creating Jobs

We do not create jobs. Instead, we are here to bridge the gap between employers and individuals.

Although we can't create a job as a manufacturing technician just to meet your needs, we can match you up with a company that currently has similar openings. We're also able to give alerts and notifications when a specific role or position has opened up. This helps promote jobs that match your skills. You can easily sign up for job alerts by Joining Our Talent Network!

Also, follow and stay connected with your branch on Facebook so that you will see the new job opportunities as they become available.

Employee Scheduling

With Automation Personnel Services, Inc., all shifts are scheduled by the client you are working for. This gives the employer the chance to meet their exact employment needs. It also lets them assign temporary employees to specific shifts or duties.

Any changes in your availability that conflict with your work schedule should be reported to both Automation Personnel Services, Inc. and the supervisor at the company you're working for. This gives us an opportunity to fill the open shift. It also gives us enough time to offer you new assignments in your chosen field.

Recorded Time & Payroll

Staffing agencies pay employees based on the total number of hours that are recorded by the employer. Common errors that will affect your pay are due to incomplete timesheets submitted or incorrect clock-in / clock-out procedures. If your paycheck is not what you expected when it comes to collecting your paycheck at the end of the pay period, please check with your branch first.

Don’t Forget! To avoid errors with your timecard and pay, make sure to Clock-in & Clock-out every day!

Finding Success with a Temporary Agency

Now it's time to apply your knowledge and make the most out of any job opportunities that come your way. It might take some time to find the exact role you're looking for, but good things really do come to those who wait. Who knows; you might even see your temporary job turn into a full-time position with a company that you truly enjoy!

Join Our Talent Network

If you are looking for a job, contact Automation Personnel Services, Inc. or visit the branch nearest to you today to complete the Automation Application Process!


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