4 Confidence-Building Exercises That Can Help You Land the Job



A lack of confidence during the initial job interview can be a real opportunity-killer. Even if you have the skills and experience needed for the role or recruitment agency, coming across as negative, pessimistic or uninterested will almost always cause the interviewer to look elsewhere. With that in mind, it's critical you enter into every interview as confident and optimistic as possible – your attitude will surely make a strong first impression with your recruiter and help you make the most of your staffing solutions.

Remember to Breathe

This is an important one. We sometimes hold our breath without even realizing it, especially when trying to highlight our skills and accomplishments. The interviewers at the Automation Personnel Services office see it all the time.

As such, try to pay attention to your breathing and maintain a steady rate. Not only does this give you more time to think in between sentences, but it lets you project your voice in a clear and confident manner without fluctuating, stuttering, or slurring words.

Try to Connect With Your Interviewer

We often spend a lot of time trying to impress the interviewer with our achievements. This is true in temporary agencies and full-time positions alike, but it isn't always ideal. Instead, try to build a strong connection with your interviewer. In many cases, painting yourself as a likeable, enthusiastic, and confident individual will get you farther than those who come across as average or generic – even if you do share the same skill sets.

Work to Minimize Your Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the biggest culprits of self-confidence. Not only can it cause a mess in your personal life and long-term career goals, but Automation employees see anxiety affecting productivity and confidence in the temporary staffing industry, too.

There are many different techniques you can use when trying to minimize your anxiety, but it's ultimately up to you to find a method that works best. Some tips to help with anxiety include watching what you eat or drink prior to the interview, getting eight hours of sleep the night before, and writing down your thoughts in a daily journal.

Hold a Rehearsal Interview Ahead of Time 

If you have ample time to prepare for your interview, try to schedule a rehearsal interview. This can be done alone, preferably in front of a mirror, or with a friend. In either case, this gives you the opportunity to practice possible questions and answers, refine your body language, and correct any bad habits. A strong rehearsal interview can also work wonders for your confidence when it comes time for the real thing.

Building Your Confidence Ahead of Time

As you can see, there are many different strategies and techniques you can use to build your confidence for a new job. It's best to work on your confidence ahead of time, prior to the initial interview, but it's never too late to strengthen your self-esteem and build your poise to even greater heights.

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