Are Your Interview Skills Scaring Off Potential Employers?


Like writing the perfect resume, learning how to ace a job interview is a true art form. It's something that takes time and discipline – and job seekers often go to great lengths to refine their skills. However, it's important you don't come across as too aggressive or boastful – as doing so might hurt your chances of landing that dream job.

Bad-Mouthing Former Employers or Teammates

Never bad-mouth a former employer or teammate during an interview. Even if your statements are true, you're better off not focusing on the negative aspects of your former jobs. If asked why you left a previous job or why you failed to meet a specific goal, explain your part in the issue and move on. Your interviewer doesn't need to know how others were involved – and providing these details might actually harm your chances of getting hired.

Providing Incorrect or Inaccurate Information

Hard facts and statistics are a great way to present proof of your prior achievements, especially during an interview. Not only does this state your accomplishments in a clear and concise manner, it gives the interviewer a better understanding of your potential with their company. Some even include detailed charts or graphs on their resumes to display their strongest accomplishments.

However, this should only be done if the information is factual, verifiable and relevant to the interview. If your information doesn't meet all three of these criteria, you might consider focusing on your other skills and traits.

Placing Too Many Follow-Up Calls or Emails

It's one thing to highlight your dedication and commitment to a job by providing a follow-up phone call or email to a recent interview. However, it's a different matter entirely when you're making multiple phone calls and sending several emails. Instead, place one phone call or send an email and give the interviewer a chance to respond – at least a few days – before sending another.

Refining Your Interview Skills with Automation Personnel Services, Inc.

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