Boost Recruiting Even When Unemployment is Low


Although a high unemployment rate is never a good thing, it does benefit your company's recruitment and staffing. The sheer number of job seekers increases the odds you'll be able to fill the more menial or monotonous tasks, while the availability of top talent lets you find qualified individuals to fill your senior ranks, too. As such, there are several strategies you can take to boost your recruitment efforts – even in the face of low unemployment rates.

Utilize Contacts Within Your Network

The first step is to make contact with anyone in your network who may be able to help. Most managers and executive professionals can tap into extensive networks, either through social media or in person, when their current recruitment efforts are failing. Even if your peers don't provide you with new connections, they may be able to provide helpful tips or advice of their own.

Expand Your Horizons

Generally speaking, most businesses view their recruitment efforts as a localized, community-based process. While you should take steps to attract qualified workers from the surrounding neighborhoods and communities, keep in mind that professionals live everywhere – including outside the United States. Apart from helping you fill empty roles quickly, the acts of expanding your horizons and adapting your recruitment efforts to include international talent might give you an edge over the competition that you've been looking for.

Increase Benefits and Perks Instead of Pay

Many of today's job seekers, including the millennial generation, prefer greater benefits and perks over increased pay. If you find your recruitment efforts are failing, especially in the face of low unemployment, consider adding benefits or alternative forms of compensation. Not only will this help you attract more qualified workers, you might be able to save on some of your long-term salary expenses, too.

Focus on Retaining and Promoting Qualified Workers

You might also consider focusing your efforts on retaining talent from your current roster. Instead of recruiting externally, try to hire from within. You'll save yourself the time and trouble of locating new employees while giving your remaining staff a renewed sense of motivation and dedication.

Recruiting With Automation!

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