How You Can Increase Productivity by Changing the Way You Run Meetings


Team meetings are a fundamental tool of any good manager or supervisor. Not only are they a great way to highlight productivity and broadcast results, they also give your entry-level employees the opportunity to speak their minds. Unfortunately, workplace meetings are often boring and tiresome. They also carry negative connotations that can be difficult to overcome. Here's how you can do your part to change that and reverse the trend of boring, monotonous meetings.

Analyze the Problem

There isn't a magic button you can press to instantly add excitement to your next meeting. Since all workplaces are unique, it's important your managers and supervisors analyze the situation and uncover the specific problem. Only then can you address the issues that make your meetings boring or tiresome.

Use the Right Technology

Next-gen technology is an advantage for hosts and presenters – as long as it's used correctly. While video conferencing software and hardware is great for hosting remote meetings, it's unnecessary if all of your meetings are in the workplace. A large conference room earmarked specifically for group meetings is a great luxury to have, but it doesn't do much good for a mobile workforce that is constantly on the go. Adapting your strategy to meet the standards and preferences of your employees is a crucial step in eliminating the monotony of the typical meeting.

Teach Attendees How to Speak in Public

Although the purpose of the typical workplace meeting is to give both the presenters and the attendees the chance to speak, entry-level employees rarely take advantage of the opportunity. There are a number of reasons for this, including a fear of public speaking, shyness around their new co-workers and more – but most of these issues can be overcome by teaching the fundamentals of workplace communication and public speaking. Not only will your employees appreciate the chance to develop and refine their skills, you'll find your meetings are more productive as a result.

Limit Meeting Sizes

Keep your meetings small and intimate – less than 10 or no more than 12 people. This ensures that everyone gets a chance to speak and their voices are being heard. It also minimizes the chance your meeting will run longer than expected.

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