How to Keep Your Staff Healthy During Cold and Flu Season


Cold and flu season can cause havoc across your entire workforce. In fact, the CDC reports millions of cases of the common cold every single year across the U.S. alone. Even a simple case of the flu has the potential to turn deadly in some cases.

With such serious consequences in mind, it's important your staff stays healthy all year round. You can even contribute to their general health and well-being in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Implement New Workplace Policies

Workplace policies and procedures go a long way in fighting off germs that can cause the common cold. Most restaurants have strict guidelines mandating that all employees must wash their hands before handling or serving food. Such policies protect the customers just as much as the workers. Similar rules can be established in factories, warehouses and other work environments, too.

  1. Encourage Sick Time

Let's face it – we all become ill at one point or another. Although many workers try to work through their sickness, this actually does more harm than good. Not only does it extend the amount of time it takes for the sickness to leave their body, their germs can easily spread to their peers in the workplace.

As such, try to promote the use of sick time to your workers. This gives them a means of taking time off in case of an emergency sickness while protecting and preserving the health of your available staff members.

  1. Inform and Educate Your Employees

Perhaps the most effective strategy you can use is to simply inform and educate your employees on issues like health and hygiene. While some were raised to wash their hands three times per day, for example, others were not. We tend to carry these habits – or a lack thereof – with us into our adult lives and into the workplace, but they can be altered and improved with a little bit of time and knowledge.

Defeating Cold and Flu Season with the Help of Automation

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