5 Tips for Managing Your Staff’s Holiday Schedules


Managing the schedules of your staff members is a delicate balancing act at any time of the year. The added stress of the holiday season only complicates this matter even further – which can result in serious inefficiencies, bottlenecks or shortcomings. To avoid such issues and make the most of your workforce during the holiday season, try using the following tips and tricks as much as possible.

  1. Plan (And Notify) Ahead

Make sure to have holiday schedules planned well in advance. Moreover, make sure to notify your employees of their upcoming schedules – especially if there are any significant changes like new quotas or overtime requirements. Not only does this let your staff plan their holiday schedules accordingly – including any vacation requests they may have – it relieves the added stress of having to create weekly schedules during the impending holiday rush.

  1. Offer Holiday Incentives

Many employees are forced to choose between spending more time with their families or working extra hours during the holiday season. To make the decision both easier and more rewarding for your staff, consider offering special incentives – including additional pay or bonuses – during this time.

  1. Utilize Vacation Blackout Periods

Some employers take advantage of vacation blackout periods to ensure full staffing levels throughout the holiday season. While this is a viable and worthwhile tactic, make sure your employees are aware of these stipulations well in advance – or else you could face potential backlash.

  1. Use a Staggered Schedule Format

Those who find it difficult to maintain a full-time staff during the holidays can utilize a staggered schedule format to soften the impact. This scenario lets you easily split shifts between workers according to the time of day or even the specific day of week. Alternating shifts in this manner is a great way to utilize staff members in a meaningful and productive way during the holiday season.

  1. Have a Pool of Backup Workers Ready

It never hurts to have a dedicated pool of part-time backup workers on hand. They can fill ad hoc roles during any part of the year – but they're especially handy during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

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