5 Reasons To Hire A Staffing Agency In This Challenging Economy


By Lee Hurley


Even before the COVID-19 virus turned the world upside down there was a reported high degree of job uncertainty. While unemployment rates were at record lows, globalization and disruptive technologies created challenges for many workers and recruiters. Now those terms are meaningless compared to this pandemic which has slowed economic output to a trickle. With no clear understanding of when things will change and what the demand might be, there has never been a better time to be nimble. An employment agency like Automation Personnel Services allows you to quickly and intelligently scale up or down quickly and with less risk and worry.


crunched for time

Human Resources departments do a wonderful job of helping find suitable candidates whether working with a staffing agency or not. However, in this environment, many HR personnel are working from their homes, making interviewing candidates difficult, if not impossible. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Automation Personnel Service remained open and have candidates screened and ready to go.

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We know who needs help 

Staffing agencies like Automation Personnel Services have been working with and learning quickly about who needs help and working hard to find the right people who qualify. Warehousing, manufacturing, food processing, logistics, welding, and other jobs continue to be available. Automation Personnel Services is plugged into the trends and staffing needs in the communities we serve. 

Quality talent is available 

Like most economic downturns, the coronavirus pandemic has created opportunities. Just a few short months ago finding workers was difficult. All that has changed. In an article published in Recruiting Daily before the coronavirus pandemic, the author recommended hiring top talent as quickly as possible before a recession hits. That theory has more validity now. This is the time to measure, compare, and possibly rebuild the quality of your workforce.

Nonstop quality assurance  

It’s one thing to ramp up quickly to meet the demands of a certain sector in this environment but that doesn’t decrease the same need for a diligent, hardworking, conscientious workforce. A good employment agency, like Automation Personnel Services, works with you to clarify your staffing needs, identify talented individuals, and help you stay productive. 

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