Five Steps Manufacturers Can Take To Return Stronger Than Before


By Joe Crowe

While the Covid-19 crisis has had a devastating effect on industries around the world, there are plenty of reasons to believe that manufacturing and production will stage a successful upswing in the wake of the pandemic. Here are five steps that industries can take to strengthen themselves to face the future.

Take advantage of the information out there

It can be difficult in some cases for professionals to find workable advice about what to do and how to take action to protect a company and its employees, but this situation is not one of those cases. Information from experts for businesses is widely available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC offers guidelines for manufacturing employees and employers, and even includes specific information for narrowly targeted industries, from aircraft maintenance workers to nail salon employees and more.

Safety is job #1

While it doesn’t need to be said that safety is important, in this case, a detailed and consistent safety plan is paramount, according to HireDynamics. This plan should include identifying vulnerable workers and accommodating them, keeping workstations partitioned off, and include clear signs to showcase the best safety practices. Companies should be clear with workers about what they expect from employees about safety, from facemasks to social distancing and other concerns.


Every business should stay stocked for at least 14 days with personal protective equipment (PPE), antibacterial wipes, thermometers, and other items such as safety vests, for both employees and any visitors.

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Hire more people

While unemployment has risen due to the crisis, employers can help pull their companies forward by hiring new employees for new needs, such as health screeners and staff for medical concerns. Current employees can also benefit at this time when employers add shifts or change start times.


Manufacturing and production are vital moving parts in the infrastructure of society. Keeping an eye on the future and developing the agility to manage solutions at a quick pace will be key to a business’ ability to thrive. Becoming resilient must be a goal, according to Hire Dynamics.

While the new normal is still evolving, it will someday get here. When that happens, the manufacturers and producers that will be strongest are those that got themselves ready for the long haul.

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