How to Identify the Right Skills for the Job You Need Filled


By Joe Crowe

When recruiting, it can be difficult to nail down the skills that you will require for the role you need to fill. Issues with filling that “skills gap” in a workplace are becoming more common, according to entrepreneur Andre Lavoie.

However, there are ways to more accurately figure out those necessary skills, Lavoie writes.

Survey the people who already work there

Conduct an anonymous survey among the employees that are already at work in the department. Ask them whether they believe they have the right tools to be most effective at their job. Do they feel like they have the right training for what they are doing? Find out from them where they feel their team has shortcomings, talent-wise. The people who already are on the job may know better than anyone that job and the skills required to do it.

Answers from this survey might tell recruiters that the right skills they need to fill the job are already there in the employees they already have; some development opportunities for current employees could solve the issue.

Look at the best people on the job

Evaluate the skills that your top performers have and use them as the benchmark.

Discover the skills and traits they have developed to become your top performers, then see what traits are necessary, and what skills could be taught to your other performers to help them raise their games.

Shake things up

Some issues could be solved by looking inward at the state of the company’s workers -- for example, if there is a notable lack of experience in a certain department, bring in someone who’s more seasoned in that job.

Job descriptions may not always fit as time goes by; once workers are at work, it could be found that the original job description is poorly written or inaccurate.

Another method is to tap into nontraditional talent pools, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.  Look at bringing in veterans or individuals who have disabilities. The society’s report says that employers that bring in veterans have seen increases in revenue and productivity. Veterans, the report says, stay with organizations longer than the average length of time.

Following these bits of advice can help bring about more effective hires; it could also reveal that the skills a recruiter needs are already in house. 

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