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How to Write A Great Resume And Where To Go For Help



by Rick Geiger Learning how to write a great resume is important, vital even. No, it won’t guarantee you get the job. But it is the first step to a great first impression—your first opportunity to… Read more »

Where to Find Free - or Almost Free - Online Job Certifications


Girl selling and buying on internet

By Joe Crowe Job certifications can help improve your profile as a job candidate. They usually do not take very long, and many of them are either free or inexpensive. Here are a few places to find… Read more »

What Is A CNC Brake Operator?


CNC Brake Operator

What is a CNC Brake Operator?  By Joe Crowe A CNC brake operator is set up and operate a machine that bend sheet metal, and as such, they play a vital role in the manufacturing world. The CNC… Read more »

What is a Worker Desert?


What is a worker desert and  how are companies adapting? By Lee Hurley It’s not a little ironic that a good economy has caused such a challenging issue: finding qualified employees to fill open… Read more »

How To Explain Temp Jobs On Your Resume


Many job seekers struggle when it comes to crafting the perfect resume. It becomes even more complicated when trying to list temporary or temp-to-hire jobs. Not only do you have to worry about the… Read more »

What Is MIG Welding?


By Rick Geiger Most people know that welding is the process of fusing two pieces of metal into one. But they may not know just how prevalent it is in our modern society. According to Howard B.… Read more »

Making the workplace fun and productive


By Rick Geiger Have you heard? People are dancing at work. Dancing! And, no, I don’t mean on Broadway (though, yes, they are still dancing there, too). I’m talking about accountants, recruiters,… Read more »

What is Mechatronics?


By Joe Crowe  You may have heard the word “mechatronics” before. While it combines the familiar terms “mechanical” and “electronics,” it’s possible that what it is may not be clear. Mechatronics… Read more »

Top character traits to look for


By Lee Hurley Hiring the right person is always a difficult task and that’s yet another reason to allow an employment firm to help. Experience is needed to know the top character traits to look… Read more »

Need Time Off? Here's How To Ask


By Joe Crowe  Asking to take time off from work can be touchy subject. Even when you’re entitled to sick time or vacation time, sometimes it can feel stressful to ask. That’s in addition to the… Read more »