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How to make sure the job you want is the job you are able to perform



When you apply for a temporary position the most important thing you can do is be as clear, honest, and detailed about your skill set as possible. It is quite natural to want to expand on your… Read more »

How to Write A Great Resume And Where To Go For Help



by Rick Geiger Learning how to write a great resume is important, vital even. No, it won’t guarantee you get the job. But it is the first step to a great first impression—your first opportunity to… Read more »

Need Time Off? Here's How To Ask


By Joe Crowe  Asking to take time off from work can be touchy subject. Even when you’re entitled to sick time or vacation time, sometimes it can feel stressful to ask. That’s in addition to the… Read more »

Tips For Working The Overnight Shift


Working The Overnight Shift? How to get your mind and body accustomed to working nights. By Rick Geiger Growing up they always told you: “Nothing good happens after midnight.” And you didn’t… Read more »

Passive Job Seekers Recruiting Tips


4 Tips For Recruiting Passive Job Seekers By Lee Hurley The term passive job seekers may seem like an oxymoron. Yet with unemployment at a record low many qualified candidates for open positions… Read more »