Top Soft Skills to Develop in 2020


By Joe Crowe

In the rush to obtain proper training, job seekers often focus on “hard skills,” the kind gained through training and education. However, they could be overlooking “soft skills,” those personality traits and attributes that show how people communicate and interact with each other -- skills that are vital in navigating the workplace and, well, everywhere else.

Here are a few of the soft skills that companies are looking for in 2020, according to CNBC.


Don’t be afraid to propose and develop new ideas, and to try to improve on existing processes or methods. This ability will show that you have an eye on the company’s future, and how you can improve it. 


Being able to interact effectively with your coworkers is a skill that many people don’t think about. Being an employee that other employees don’t mind having around is a good thing. Being able to speak, listen, and observe effectively will go a long way toward making your (and everyone else’s) workday a pleasant one.

Emotional intelligence is part of being a good communicator, CNBC’s report notes. “Reading the room,” or observing how coworkers interact with each other, is important for an employee to find their own space in the work community.

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Culture awareness

As the workplace becomes more diverse, it’s important for all workers to learn to develop and encourage meaningful interactions with people from backgrounds and cultures that are different from their own.


As a newcomer to a job, one might not think that leadership is on the list of skills an employee will need. However, leadership isn’t just about telling other people what to do. Leadership involves taking charge of situations and solving issues that arise during any particular day of work. Most managers were, at one time, newcomers to their jobs, too. A new worker can show that they can be trusted with more responsibility when their turn comes around.

Accepting criticism

It’s a good thing to admit when you don’t have an answer, Fast Company reports. Learn to accept feedback and ask for help.


All employees of a company are on the job together. Understanding what other people are facing in their own roles, perhaps both inside and outside of work, is key to a strong workplace.

Developing and using these skills can help any job seeker show how effective they can be as part of a thriving workplace.

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