Why young people - or anyone - should consider a manufacturing career


So, you’re thinking about your future. That’s good. Thinking about getting not just another job, but a career? Even better. But if you’re just starting out and not giving some serious consideration to a career in manufacturing, you may be selling yourself short. In fact, regardless of your age, if you haven’t seen it for yourself lately, there’s a good chance your view of manufacturing could use a reboot. Or even, a hard reset.

Maybe you think all the manufacturing jobs just packed up a few years ago and moved south of the border or overseas. They didn’t. Manufacturing still accounts for nearly 13 million jobs in this country, or about 8.5 percent of the workforce.

Maybe you think manufacturing jobs are dull and unrewarding. They’re not. Manufacturing today is high-tech and cutting-edge. It has a lot to offer the modern worker. 

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The Jobs Are Out There

There are good reasons to consider a career in manufacturing.  While baby boomers are leaving the workforce at the rate of 10,000 per day—yes, that’s per day—the manufacturing industry is expected to generate 4.6 million high-skilled jobs over the next decade, leaving hundreds of thousands of positions wide open for fresh, young faces. The industry is hungry for new talent.

There’s money to be made

It’s the law of supply and demand. The demand for manufacturing workers is up, which means so is the pay. On average, manufacturing jobs pay more than $84,832 a year in salary and benefits.

There are cool things to create

A career in manufacturing gives you the chance to design and build real things, really cool things. ThomasNet.com says, “3D printing, drones, and the Internet of Things are just the latest examples of manufacturing companies adopting new technology long before the public gets their hands on it.”  Modern manufacturing needs smart, creative people and curious, imaginative thinkers, who are willing to look at things in a fresh, new way—to not just assemble the box, but to think outside it.

There’s a future in it

Manufacturing jobs offer lifelong training and room for advancement, so you can expect a fulfilling and reliable career path. Modern manufacturing is changing, and with exciting new technology like artificial intelligence and computer-aided design, there will be even more innovation over the next 20 years. Manufacturing careers can take you in many different directions to places you never imagined.

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