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Automation Personnel Services was thrilled to be asked to participate in a Q&A with Portico Magazine recently to talk about job opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic. Below is a portion of the Q&A with Loyd McIntosh, Marketing Communications Coordinator for Automation Personnel Services. Read the article in its entirety here. 

Story by Lee Hurley

Is there really work available right now? The answer is yes. It is true that shelter in place laws have curtailed and even threatened the livelihoods of many and yet surprisingly there are still opportunities to earn money. The unemployment bonus has helped in some cases but there are many others who can’t get on or stay on unemployment and plenty more who simply want to work.  “This is an excellent time to consider a staffing agency,” says Loyd McIntosh Marketing Director for Automation Personnel Services ( with 34 branch offices in ten states. “What we have been able to do is to locate industries that need help and allow those who want to work in a temporary position while they wait to see what happens to their full time or other part time positions.”  Portico spoke to Loyd about further opportunities in this strange and challenging job market.

Portico:  I can imagine this virus has hurt the staffing agency business, but are you still hiring?Portico logo

LM: You’re right, the impact of the coronavirus-shutdown is unprecedented, but yes we are absolutely still hiring. Many of our clients are directly tied into the supply chains that ensure goods are available on shelves all across the country and have actually increased production to meet demand. That means jobs.

 Portico: Can you tell us what categories of jobs are available?

LM: Most of the positions we’re seeing right now are logistics-related, primarily warehouse jobs. Some of the needs are for order pickers, packers, production associates, forklift drivers, and other skilled labor jobs. These aren’t, by any means, the only type we’re filling now, however. Despite the shutdown, many companies have been deemed essential and have reached out to us to recruit people with specific skills such as welders and concrete finishers.

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 Portico: Are employers taking steps to insure the health and welfare of temp employees?

LM: That’s a great question and I know many people are concerned about their health and safety in the workplace. We are following all CDC social distancing guidelines in our branches and are working closely with our clients to ensure they are also following all CDC guidelines.

 Portico: Can you suggest a specific job type you need right now?

LM: Sure. In the Birmingham area, we are recruiting people for jobs in food production and distribution, everything from production work at processing plants to positions involved in the shipping of food and other essential items to retail outlets.

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